About Us


About Us


Ascent collaborates with innovative companies to accelerate their growth enabling them to do good in the world.



Our approach follows a simple, yet effective process:

Listen: We listen to you and your customers before analyzing and launching into a solution.

Learn: With a focus on multi-directional learning, we learn from you, market data, customer discovery interviews and experiments, while you learn from our team's collective experiences and recommendations. 

Conceptualize: Based on our research, learnings and assumptions of what is true (to be validated), we conceive of a new future state for your company.

Execute: We collaboratively work with you to set up the future state of your company with minimal time, resources and money spent but effective and lasting results.



Rob Adamovsky

An entrepreneur and startup business consultant, Rob has over 10 years of experience in the online, financial services, consumer electronics and apparel industries. His work has contributed to funding several projects, scaling successful businesses, and increasing revenue and profitability.

As the Head of Strategy at Kit and Ace, he was part of the leadership team that grew the company from 1 to 60 stores, established 3 international offices, and developed a globally recognized brand within a year and a half.