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Ascent engages companies of all sizes and industries: ideas, startups, and well established companies. Below are some of the clients we have worked with throughout their various stages of growth.


"As a startup founder with plenty of product development experience, but no business experience, I knew knowing your customers was important, but I wasn’t sure how to get there.  Rob educated us on the foundations of customer discovery and then he helped us adapt these foundations to our business.
With his help, we structured and executed a solid customer discovery plan that provided key insights that we can still rely on to this day. Rob did numerous interviews with parents and he was able to extract excellent data that eluded us until then.
Slice Fractions was built with both parents and children in mind and we believe it’s part of what made the educational game such as success and so esteemed by our customers."
     Dany, cofounder at Ululab. Creator of the award-winning Slice Fractions
"Rob, your dedication to giving our start-up your time and attention has been invaluable. Now that you have moved on, we want to express our appreciation for your "voice for good" and physical labour.  Also crucial was your willingness to be a sounding board as we moved JusTea from a charity model in Kenya to a for-profit. We hope you will stay connected with us, as we build our second tea cottage factory in Kenya and expand our tea and tisane selections for North America~  !"
     Grayson Bain, Social Entrepeneur at Justea

"We benefitted greatly by working with Rob in the early days of our company’s startup stage. He was a truly valuable asset to our business planning and fundraising efforts. He has a solid understanding for both analyzing an opportunity and writing business plans. Beyond that Rob is also a great listener who is always adding value to the discussion at hand.

Rob’s knowledge in business models and market analysis positively impacted our business strategy and helped the company raise its early rounds of investment.

I can confidently recommend Rob for any business development work that requires someone who is knowledgeable, a strategic thinker, and all round a great person to work with."

     Richard Sirohi, Co-Founder & CEO at Artcode Interactive

"The British label Ruby Rufus, launched in Autumn of 2013 offering gorgeous fashion-forward sweaters and snoods for the well dressed dog.  Ruby Rufus Isaacs, the owner and designer of the label, wanted to create a brand that focused on dogs looking as chic and trendy as their owners, as well as keeping them warm and comfortable at all times of the year in pillow soft cashmere. "

Ascent worked with Ruby Rufus do develop business planning and an investor presentation.


"N. Jefferson Ltd. has supplied sewing, quilting, knitting and craft supplies to Canadian retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers since 1926. We are one of Canada's largest distributors of sewing notions, quilting notions, knitting  needles and craft supplies online.

Ascent worked with N. Jefferson Ltd. to map the company's internal data capabilities, present profitability opportunities, and develop a growth strategy for the Canadian market.


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